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About the Crown Prince Foundation


His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II is committed to building a bright future for Jordan’s youth by inspiring and driving their engagement to improve community wellbeing, as well as leadership, entrepreneurship, technical and vocational education, innovation and socioeconomic opportunities. The impact of the Crown Prince Foundation’s initiatives extends throughout the Kingdom’s governorates and affirms his belief that youth can excel if given the proper skills and means to become active citizens within their communities.

The Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) was established in 2015 with a vision of ‘Capable youth for an aspiring Jordan’. CPF has an underlying strategy to advocate for mainstreaming youth in all national development efforts with focus on 3 foundational areas: 1. Employability & Entrepreneurship; 2. Citizenship; and 3. Leadership. CPF aims to drive growth with a "youth" centric lens, resulting in a young nation with responsible, engaged, productive and thriving youth. CPF’s approach includes a journey addressing the participants’ capacity requirements, to enable youth who are self-driven to create their own opportunities for better livelihoods and income mobility. The values of CPF focus on being innovative, inclusive, positive and ethical.

CPF Strategic Objectives:

  • Investing in future skills (STEM & essential skills), strengthened with competitive models for continual learning and upskilling.
  • Facilitating socio-economic and livelihood opportunities in competitive areas, including the creation, adoption and/or facilitation of new employability and entrepreneurship models and platforms.
  • Investing in shaping and integrating the next generation of young leaders on various levels including civic, entrepreneurial, technical/specialized and political leaders.
  • Leading targeted and scaled interventions for active civic engagement and participation, and for strengthening local social capital and networks across various communities.
  • Promoting values, culture, language, and identity at the community, institutional and individual levels.
  • Strengthening local ecosystems and youth support clusters, to ensure integrated and sustainable efforts.
  • Mainstreaming "youth" in all national directions, policies and engagement frameworks.