‘Haqiq’ celebrates first batch of councils programme graduates | Crown Prince Foundation

‘Haqiq’ celebrates first batch of councils programme graduates

15 December 2018


Haqiq’, a Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) initiative, on Saturday celebrated the graduation of the first batch of the Governorate Councils programme, designed to boost youth involvement and engagement.

The Haqiq Councils initiative organised and carried out 363 voluntary and societal activities in 2018 alone, benefitting some 52,000 youths. Around 1,500 volunteers partook in these events across the Kingdom’s governorates.

The Haqiq initiative is comprised of multiple bodies, including the Councils of Haqiq Knights, whose tasks are to organise youth engagement in local communities and reinforce the values of cooperative, institutionalised and organised societal work.

CPF Executive Director Tamam Mango expressed her pride in the youth and appreciation for the ministries of youth and education’s continued support.