2,064 students complete CPF-sponsored civic education, democracy programs | Crown Prince Foundation

2,064 students complete CPF-sponsored civic education, democracy programs

23 June 2021


About 2,064 students have graduated from two flagship training programs designed to help university students learn about the core principles of democracy, citizenship, human rights and civic responsibility, according to a statement released Wednesday by the Crown Prince Foundation (CPF), the sponsor of the programs.

The Foundation indicated that 1,504 male and female students completed the "Ana Usharek" (I Participate) program in the second semester of the current year, while 560 others completed the "Ana Usharek+" program in the entire academic year 2020-2021.

It explained that the graduates of the "Ana Usharek" program received intensive training on a number of topics such as: democracy, elections, media, human rights, the role of political parties, citizenship, integrity, transparency, and local governance, in addition to training on gender, tolerance, and social peace.

While participants in the "Ana Usharek+" program received training focusing on advocacy campaigns, research, goal formulation and messaging, in addition to presenting visual data, creating visual identity and digital stories, event planning, networking, coalition building and debates.

The students came from 12 universities: Jadara University, the Jordan University of Science and Technology, the German Jordanian University, Al-Balqa Applied University and its Karak branch, the Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, the University of Jordan, the Hashemite University, the Zarqa University, Mu'tah University and Yarmouk University.

Both programs are the fruit of an agreement between the CPF and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and are funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The agreement aims to enhance youth participation in the political process, by qualifying them and providing them with the knowledge necessary to engage in the decision-making process and develop their sense of citizenship. It also seeks to develop leadership and advocacy skills among the youths.

Started in 2011, the "Ana Usharek" program has seen 35,000 participants from 24 universities across the Kingdom.