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A Campaign on Naua's Platform to Raise Donations for Day Laborers

23 March 2020


Nashama Association for Loyalty and Pertinence launched a campaign on "Naua" platform, a Crown Prince Foundation Initiative aiming to collect donations for the families of day labors in Jordan, whose work was disrupted in light of the exceptional circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic that the Kingdom is going through.

Based on a press release issued by "Naua", the idea behind the campaign is to collect donations through the platform to purchase and distribute food parcels that contains basic food needs for a whole week for day labor individuals, where these parcels -which cost JD 7 each- will be sterilized under the supervision of relevant authorities, and distributed in line with the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the government.

Donations are accepted from institutions and individuals through Naua’s platform www.naua.org or through the following bank accounts:

Union Bank: Account number: 580127002915102, IBAN number JO42UBSI5800000580127002915102

Safwa Bank: Account number: 210-208131, IBAN number JO55JDIB2100002081310013000000

It is noteworthy that Naua is the region’s first social impact platform that aims to promote philanthropy and civic engagement by enabling everyone to give back to their community; it is an online platform for social impact that operates within a common framework to measure and showcase impact. Naua operates through two online platforms (naua.org & nahno.org) that allow civil society organizations (CSOs) to display their projects, enable individuals to contribute and volunteer towards causes they care about, and these platforms help organizations support projects that align with their CSR strategies.