CPF announces June deadline for Arab Youth Hackathon | Crown Prince Foundation

CPF announces June deadline for Arab Youth Hackathon

7 June 2020


The Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) announced a deadline for the Arab Youth Hackathon, which aims at motivating Arab youth to submit innovative ideas and solutions to address the effects of the emerging COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement, the CPF called on youth to participate in the hackathon and present innovative technical and technological solutions to decision makers to help overcome the economic and social impacts of the unprecedented global outbreak.

It said the deadline for submissions ends on June 18, adding that participants, up to the age of 35, can visit this link to submit their applications: arabyouthcenter.org/ar/article/our-initiative/arab-youth-hackathon.

The first edition is titled "Youth’s Role in Times of Crises", which includes 6 different challenges: food and medicine security, healthcare sustainability, education, labor market, supporting local economy, and social responsibility.

The Foundation has launched the hackathon in partnership with the Arab Youth Center in the United Arab Emirates, and in cooperation with Egypt's Ministry of Youth and Sports, Kuwait's General Authority for Youth, and Bahrain's Ministry of Youth and Sports.