CPF initiative offers free services to Arab content makers | Crown Prince Foundation

CPF initiative offers free services to Arab content makers

7 October 2020


The "Dadd" initiative affiliated with the Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) announced on Tuesday, that it provides free diverse production services to Arab content makers. These free services come as an implementation of the business partnership with the free educational DOIT platform @doitmediajo, launched by a group of Jordanian and Arab youth, according to a CPF statement.

The contentmaking services eye to enable Arab content makers to obtain free production, marketing and publishing services, added the statement.

To achieve the goals, the CPF initiative called on educational content makers and experts wishing to share their experiences and submit requests via the DOIT website: www.doitmediajo.com or through the link: https://cutt.ly/Jfafwgs

In reference to the distinctive sound and letter unique to the Arabic language,the "Dadd" initiative aims to preserve the status and integrity of Arabic, while developing techniques to increase its digitisation compatibility, and enrich online Arabic content