CPF launches ‘Free Medical Week’ in Maan | Crown Prince Foundation

CPF launches ‘Free Medical Week’ in Maan

27 March 2022


The Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) on Sunday launched the "Free Medical Week" in Maan, implemented in partnership with the Royal Medical Services (RMS) and the Ministry of Health, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. 

The CPF stated that the five-day event, taking place in Maan Comprehensive Health Centre, is attended by RMS consultants and includes comprehensive treatments, such as medical examinations, analysis and radiology, in addition to the provision of free medicines.

The event will tackle a number of medical fields related to internal cardiology, gastroenterology, diabetes, endocrinology, internal neurology, arterial and vascular surgery, dermatology, paediatric gastroenterology , paediatric neurology, paediatric cardiology, among other medical fields. 

Minister of Health Feras Hawari confirmed that the ministry, in partnership with the RMS, has equipped the centre with various specialists.

If required, cases will be transferred to Maan Governmental Hospital, where all treatment services, medical analyses and x-rays will be provided free of charge during the week, he added. 

CPF CEO Tamam Mango stressed that the foundation made a decision in 2021 to expand its efforts in Maan and to establish a special CPF office in the governorate.

She highlighted that the free medical week was created after preparing a survey to assess the needs of the governorate, creating an action plan, and holding a number brainstorming sessions and meetings. 

The CPF established its office in Maan to serve the youth of the governorate and the southern region.

Through the office, the foundation implements a high number of activities and events in cooperation with its partners, to support its mission in enhancing and developing youth capabilities. 

From September to December 2021, CPF was able to help about 6,000 young men and women.