CPF launches 15th cohort of Haqiq initiative | Crown Prince Foundation

CPF launches 15th cohort of Haqiq initiative

15 November 2021


The Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) on Monday announced the launch of the fifteenth cohort of Haqqiq, a CPF initiative that seeks to enhance effective citizenship and the concepts of qualitative voluntary work.

In a statement on Monday, the CPF said that 4,000 eighth-grade students from 182 public schools across the Kingdom, in addition to schools affiliated with the Directorate of Military Education, have joined the initiative.

'The participants will benefit from a program model built on training workshops, field visits and camps that call on youth to engage with their peers and communities throughout Jordan,' the statement added.

Haqiq is a national leadership program implemented in cooperation with Education Ministry. It was established to realize youth’s commitment to becoming successful leaders in their local communities.

As future agents of change, Haqiq’s graduates embody the program’s values, including integrity, resilience, learning from failure, commitment, hard work, focus, responsibility, open-mindedness and self-confidence.