CPF to present youth’s position at upcoming London conference | Crown Prince Foundation

CPF to present youth’s position at upcoming London conference

18 February 2019


The Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) has started preparing a position paper on Jordanian youth's needs and ambitions in accordance with their economic priorities to be presented at the "London Initiative 2019", scheduled for February 28.

The UK-hosted conference aims to support the Jordanian economy and investment, and will witness the participation of representatives from the Group of Seven member states, as well as leading international institutions in the field of finance and investment.

For the Kingdom, the conference is important to promote its investment opportunities and industrial ventures along with Jordanian service providers. Jordan deems the conference a communication channel with the international community to highlight the country's efforts towards achieving the principle of self-reliance and sustainable economic growth.

The country is also looking to attain support from the summit for development, attracting investments and providing job opportunities, particularly for youth. 

To identify young people’s needs, the CPF held a series of consultative meetings with youth from various governorates across the Kingdom, during which the youth carried out a scientific analysis of the major economic problems they face and their social impact.

The meetings also came up with a number of potential solutions to be adopted on the short and long terms, according to the statement. 

The CPF intends to prepare a comprehensive position paper to shed light on the outcomes and recommendations of the youth dialogue sessions, which were supported by the UK Department for International Development in partnership with the British Council and the participation of representatives of youth groups aged 18-24, which were chosen through a standing invitation.

The foundation will organise the participation of 10 young Jordanians interested in the CPF initiative, who will attend the conference and “play an effective role before and during the conference, by presenting the position paper and taking part in discussion sessions”. 

Youth constitute some 70 per cent of the population. 

CPF Chief Executive Officer Tamam Mango said that the foundation’s strategy focuses on “activating the joint role of the CPF and the youth to gain support and set a youth-based agenda”, adding that the sessions are the cornerstone to frame the most important issues concerning young people.

Mango stressed that sharing the outcomes of the dialogue sessions and the position of young people in this conference is an important chance to enhance Jordanian youth’s opportunities, in addition to the summit’s role as a platform to showcase the Kingdom’s potentials in various fields, according to the statement.