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CPF, Zayed organization sign memorandum of understanding

15 February 2021


The Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination on Monday signed a memorandum of understanding to implement family counseling programs.

The memorandum was signed via remote communication by Tamam Mango, the Foundation's Chief Executive Officer and Abdullah Abdel-Ali Al-Hamidan, Secretary General of the Zayed Organization.

The memorandum stipulates that the two sides work side-by-side to implement family counseling programs that contribute to educating the families of the People of Determination, and helping them face challenges along with their children based on the experiences of the CPF in the "Hearing Without Borders" initiative.

It also stipulated that the Foundation participates in the Zayed Organization's "Bridges of Hope" program and the 12/3 Program aimed at identifying newborns with determination.

For her part, Mango said that the CPF prioritizes the principle of inclusiveness for the inclusion of young people, because young men and women of determination are part of the Foundation's programs and initiatives, pointing to the Hearing Without Borders initiative, which aims at providing assistance to children with hearing challenges and working with them to effectively integrate them into society.

The Foundation, Mango added, is working on the sustainability of the Hearing Without Borders initiative, in cooperation with many bodies, to ensure the institutionalization of its work and to achieve the best results, pointing out the importance of exchanging expertise and knowledge through the partnership with the Zayed Organization, which represents a distinct Arab model that prioritizes People of Determination.

Al-Hamidan commended the Foundation's experience, which fosters the creativity of young people locally, regionally and internationally, and is one of the landmarks of Jordanian development and humanitarian achievement with its pioneering and qualitative projects and initiatives and endeavors to develop charitable, social and volunteer work across the Kingdom.

He stressed that the memorandum comes under the supervision and follow-up of His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Chairman of the Organization, adding that it embodies the bilateral integration and the successful strategic partnership and strong ties between the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. He pointed to the importance of bilateral cooperation and commitment to enhance it in various fields between the institutions of the two countries.

The signing, he stated, also comes from the basis of fruitful cooperation between Zayed Organization and the Crown Prince Foundation based on the importance of encouraging and extending social, humanitarian and national work and activating the partnership on issues of mutual interest to achieve their common goals and enhance each other's role in serving the Emirati and Jordanian societies.

Al-Hamidan lauded the 'fruitful and distinguished' cooperation between the two institutions, adding that this cooperation allowed access to new areas to benefit from the common experiences between the two sides.