CPF, ZHO offer training for disabled children's parents | Crown Prince Foundation

CPF, ZHO offer training for disabled children's parents

3 June 2021


The Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) has recently organized training sessions in cooperation with the UAE's Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination (ZHO), targeting the families of a group of people with disabilities, in which 50 participants from various governorates of the Kingdom took part.

The online sessions aimed to enhance the capabilities of the families of persons with disabilities, raise their awareness and educate them about how to deal with their children, and help them face challenges in a way that benefits themselves and their communities.

The sessions, which were held for two hours daily over the course of four days, discussed a number of topics such as the use of pictures for receptive communication, how to deal with people with disabilities in adulthood, and early communication skills, especially through play.

The training was attended by the CEO of the CPF, Tammam Mango, and from the Emirati side, Ambassador Ahmed Ali Al Balushi and ZHO Secretary-General, Abdullah Al Humaidan.

It is worth noting that this is the second session that is jointly implemented by the CPF and ZHO. A number of sessions will be organized successively throughout the year.