The Crown Prince chairs a meeting at the Crown Prince Foundation | Crown Prince Foundation

The Crown Prince chairs a meeting at the Crown Prince Foundation

16 August 2017


His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II visited the Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) where he chaired a meeting concerning the Foundation’s strategy and future plans. During the meeting, HRH Crown Prince Al Hussein emphasized the importance of maximizing the reach of CPF’s initiatives and expending all resources to the Jordanian youth so that they may implement their creative innovations and achieve their aspirations, thereby playing an active role in local development.

Nour Abul Ragheb, CEO of CPF presented the Foundation’s strategy and goals, and its plans to develop and expand both current and new initiatives, focusing on encouraging leadership, creative innovation, and volunteerism among Jordanian youth. Abu Ragheb also discussed several of CPF’s initiatives, indicating the progress and recent successes in each.

During the meeting several CPF initiatives were discussed, namely: Al Hussein Technical University, one of CPF’s initiatives which aims to better prepare Jordanian youth for the workforce by spreading technical knowledge and granting several types of applied engineering degrees. Haqiq, another CPF initiative which aims to instill values of leadership and civic engagement among Jordanian youth. Through Haqiq, panels – known as “Majalis” – will be established across all governorates to support the role of youth in instigating positive change. Additionally, CPF is working towards connecting with more educational institutions and reaching a greater number of Jordanian youth.

Another CPF initiative that was discussed during the meeting was Masar, a program aspiring to provide more training and research opportunities in the field of aeronautical design and engineering. Moreover, Masar participants aim to create a model of a satellite which will be launched in 2018. The meeting also included a discussion of CPF’s Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab), a unique and innovative center for Jordanian youth (from all governorates) to access the necessary resources to implement their creative innovations.

Lastly, Abu Ragheb also indicated that CPF was beginning to collaborate and connect with various other local and international organizations in order to support its programs and its overall vision.