Crown Prince Foundation and King Abdullah II Fund for Development sign MoU | Crown Prince Foundation

Crown Prince Foundation and King Abdullah II Fund for Development sign MoU

20 June 2018


The Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) and the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Wednesday, agreeing to support, develop, and implement youth programs in fields relevant to both entities. This agreement aims to strengthen the cooperation between CPF and KAFD, by developing a method of communication between the two and paving the way for collaboration.

The Agreement was signed by CPF’s CEO, Dr. Tamam Mango and KAFD’s President, Saeb Al Hassan. Al Hassan noted that KAFD has initiatives and projects that aim to increase employment and fall within the fields of leadership, skills development, and awareness. By signing this MoU, KAFD hopes to expand the targeted segments of society by reaching all governorates of the Kingdom and including more age groups.

Al Hassan also announced that the Fund would be willing to use all its capabilities to reach shared goals between KAFD and CPF, especially those pertaining to the collaboration between existing initiatives of both organizations.

On the other hand, Mango emphasized the importance of this agreement in strengthening the joint efforts of both parties in leading youth-related initiatives at a national level. Moreover, this partnership will support both CPF and KAFD in reaching their national-level development goals which aim to support youth in their social and economic growth.

As per the MoU, both entities will cooperate in a variety of fields, such that the different channels and platforms for youth will be utilized to reach a greater portion of youth in all governorates. Furthermore, CPF and KAFD will share their experiences in attempting to unify the youth-targeted efforts at a national level.