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Crown Prince visits Al-Hussein Technical University and is informed on its Programs

19 June 2018


During his visit to Al-Hussein Technical University, HRH Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II was briefed on the university's academic programs, laboratories and engineering courses after last year's first batch of students in engineering and computer disciplines.

HRHCP listened to the explanation presented by the President of Al-Hussein Technical University, Dr. Labib Khadra about the university's programs and study plans, noting that the university has the flexibility of the applied educational system and the dynamics of the study plans that are adapted to the requirements of the local and international labor market.

Khadra said that the university's school system is based on three different pathways, including the first intermediate university degree at an average of 72 hours, which the student can obtain after one academic year. The second is the intermediate university degree which the student can obtain after two years of studying, including a year of training in various factories. The third degree is the bachelor’s degree.

HRHCP was also briefed on several engineering projects carried out by several students, including wireless robot projects, solar cell tracking systems, advanced lighting for buildings, infrared communications, and patent tracking.

HRHCP toured the university labs, including the Zain Telecom laboratory, Optimiza, Huawei Telecom, Industrial Automation and Science Lab, as well as attended the lecture on career skills and soft skills.

HRHCP listened to a brief about virtual reality labs and augmented reality, which was created by the King Abdullah II Center for Design and Development, with the aim of establishing a national center to raise the level of Jordanian capacity in developing projects based on virtual reality, especially in the fields of military and medical training.

HRHCP also listened to an explanation of the manufacturing laboratory (Fab lab), which is one of the Initiatives of the Crown Prince Foundation, which was built to be an ideal center for local and international innovators to share experiences and ideas in the fields of advanced digital manufacturing methods.

HRHCP visited the engineering workshops of the university, which includes nine separate workshops containing the latest industrial machinery and equipment, in the fields of electrical, welding, metal forming, carpentry, construction and buildings.

With regard to assisting students in obtaining employment after graduation, Dr. Khadra noted that the university has networked with various economic sectors and has signed agreements with companies in the sectors of information technology, water, environment, energy and industrial, to ensure quick access to job opportunities for university graduates, in addition the university is coordinating the curriculum intensively with the industrial Sector.

Dr. Khader noted that the university has completed the first phase of the infrastructure, to be ready for the reception of nearly 1,000 students, where more than ten laboratories have been equipped, and next year will be equipping other Laboratories.

As for  admission, the process is carried out directly by the university, where the graduates of the general secondary school are accepted with an average of 80 and above for bachelor's degree, while students with lower rates are accepted in the intermediate university degree, pointing out that applicants to study at the university must undergo an English Language level exam.