Haqiq supports COVID-19 frontline workers | Crown Prince Foundation

Haqiq supports COVID-19 frontline workers

21 June 2020


Haqiq, a Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) initiative, distributed vouchers to the families of the COVID-19 frontline workers, who have exerted tireless efforts during the crisis.

The project titled "A Package of Appreciation" was implemented by 24 students of the Haqiq initiative and with the support of Orange Jordan.

The students said the project aims at honoring frontline workers, who have created a unique Jordanian model to combat the global pandemic.

Haqiq, a national leadership program for ninth and tenth graders, was established to realize Jordanian youth's commitment to becoming successful leaders in their local communities through benefiting from a program model built on training workshops, field visits and camps that call on youth to engage with their peers and communities throughout Jordan.

The students have also implemented activities to support national anti-coronavirus efforts, including promoting social distancing.