JAF, HTU sign MoU on education, technical training | Crown Prince Foundation

JAF, HTU sign MoU on education, technical training

12 January 2021


The Jordan Armed Forces- Arab Army (JAF) and the Al-Hussein Technical University (HTU) signed, Tuesday, a memorandum of understanding on education and technical and applied training.

The memorandum, signed by the JAF's Assistant for Planning, Organization and Defense Resources, Brig. Gen. Ibrahim Naimat and HTU President, Ismael Hinti, aimed at exchanging technical expertise and working on theoretical and applied projects in all areas of mutual interest, including communications, information technology, integrated systems, simulation systems, artificial intelligence and cyber security.

This comes as part of the JAF's plan to improve the training and educational level of their personnel, and support governmental and private institutions in line with the requirements of the labor market.

The Al-Hussein Technical University is a Crown Prince Foundation‏ initiative dedicated to serving Jordanian youth, offering qualitative technical education that integrates educational outcomes with the requirements of the labor market, and awards bachelor's degrees and intermediate technical degrees in engineering and computer science majors.