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Al Hussein Technical University’s first annual conference is launched

29 July 2018


Al Hussein Technical University (HTU) conference kicked off on Saturday, with the aim of creating a network between the private and public sectors in exchanging knowledge and skills in the areas of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

The conference brought together university students, decision makers, stakeholders, developers, entrepreneurs and professors to merge efforts in creating positive competitiveness in technical and vocational education in Jordan.

Deputizing for His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of State His Excellency Dr. Rajai Muasher kicked off Al Hussein Technical University’s (HTU) first annual conference, under the title of “Going STEM – Education with Impact.”

In his speech, HE Dr. Muasher said that Jordan has one of the fastest-growing rates in young workforce in the region. He added that “In the light of increased unemployment rates, we call for joint efforts to accommodate young talents,” noting that the government has a plan to increase employment rates for the Jordanian youth.

HE Dr. Muasher also reiterated the importance of benefiting from HTU’s pioneering model and establishing educational programs that serve to strengthen and encourage innovation and leadership and hone technical and vocation skills. He went on to emphasize the importance of youth gaining the necessary values, skills, and experiences that will allow them to become more competitive in the workforce. Giving examples such as self-confidence, leadership, social intelligence, and critical thinking, HE Dr. Muasher highlighted the importance of certain values that are necessary in order to affect change, referring to the conference itself as an opportunity to discuss and analyze important issues.

For his part, the French Ambassador to Jordan HE David Bertolotti referred to partnership and cooperation between Jordan and France within various fields, noting both countries desire to develop which is positively reflected in the focus on youth’s role. Bertolotti also referred to the support that was presented to HTU in order to increase its growth in the fields of energy engineering, information technology, and the merging between the theoretical and practical aspects of the programs implemented by the University.

Bertolotti went on to explain that the support presented to HTU is part of the Jordanian Government’s efforts towards implementing the National Strategy for Human Resource Development within the field of technical education. Furthermore, Berlotti mentioned that teaching the youth technical and practical skills will support them in gaining more career opportunities.

HTU’s president, Labib Khadra spoke in the conference’s opening ceremony where he presented a brief about the University, which was established by the Crown Prince Foundation (CPF). Khadra indicated that HTU fulfills the vision of HRH the Crown Prince and embodies an essential accomplishment in establishing a global university focused on technical and practical education and career-preparation.

During the conference, the Center of Excellence for Leadership and Innovation was inaugurated, which is considered the key link between technical education with youth. The center, which connects students with innovations and ideas through the presence of a group of startup companies that incubate innovative and pioneering projects, presented by the University’s students.

Furthermore, the University signed two agreements during this occasion. The first was with the French Government and encompasses support for the University through the Energy, Civil, and Informational Technology Engineering programs. The second agreement was with the Jordanian Aviation company and included support for the Student Fund, career-training programs, a mobile technology lab, and the ‘Challenge’ center for aerospace research.

Over the next two days a variety of conference sessions will take place, with the first one discussing higher education in Jordan, which will be lead by the President of the Economic and Social Council, Dr. Mustafa Hamarneh. The second session will focus on the future of technical and practical education, and will be headed by Dr. Dureid Mahasneh, President of Edama. The third session will revolve around the topic of youth and the technological future, and will be chaired by Yousef Al Wadi, an employee of the technological sector. Lastly, the fourth session will be headed by Omar Al Maani, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Crown Prince Foundation, and will tackle the new technological demands in the workforce.