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Collaboration Agreement between Crown Prince Foundation and Fotowatio Renewable Ventures

23 January 2018


  •  Fotowatio Renewable Ventures - FRV  has signed a collaboration agreement with Crown Prince Foundation to support in funding one of the most innovative projects of the country that will contribute to research and educative purposes.
  •  It has been developed by young engineering students and will be launched the first half of this year.


Amman, Jordan: The Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) signed a collaboration agreement with
Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV); a leading global developer of renewable utility-scale projects
operating in the field of renewable energy solutions. Representing CPF in this agreement was Ms.
Nour Abu Ragheb in her capacity as Acting Chief Executive Officer, whereas FRV was duly
represented by Nicolas Fasquelle, Managing Director Middle East, Africa and New Territories.


By virtue of this MOU, which was signed at CPF offices, FRV along with other organizations will
support one of the most innovative initiatives in Jordan, the Masar Initiative which aims to launch
the first nanosatellite of Jordan – the Cubesat, which is considered to be one of the smallest satellite
models, and has been designed and assembled by Jordanian youth.


This satellite - called JY1-SAT – will broadcast images of Jordanian touristic and cultural locations.
At the same time, will communicate remotely with other ground stations around the world and will
contribute to numerous research and educational purposes.


The Masar Initiative was originally inspired by the first Jordanian interns at NASA. Thanks to the
transfer of knowledge from these first NASA interns, the nanosatellite has been developed by young
engineering students in collaboration with academics and consultants.


Ms. Abu Ragheb, on her part, thanked FRV for the support and assistance provided, stating that,
“This agreement is in line with the efforts made by the Crown Prince Foundation towards
cultivating strategic partnerships with various national and global corporations and institutions, for
the purpose of fulfilling developmental objectives and supporting Jordan’s youth in enhancing their
aptitude and capabilities.” Ms. Abu Ragheb further indicated that, “The Masar Initiative is a unique
initiative set on propelling Jordan well into the realm of space engineering and sciences.”


Nicolas Fasquelle, FRV´s Managing Director for MEA stated: "We are very pleased to support the
Crown Prince Foundation in innovative projects such as the Masar Initiative. This agreement
demonstrates the commitment of FRV in Jordan, favoring the social and technological development
of the country while supporting youth to carry out groundbreaking projects”.