CPF launches online charity work platform “Naua” | Crown Prince Foundation

CPF launches online charity work platform “Naua”

23 July 2018


The Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) on Monday announced the official launch of "Naua", an initiative under the CPF umbrella which "reflects HRH Crown Prince Hussein's vision, where youth are the builders of the future", said Tamam Mango, the CEO of CPF. 


Established in partnership with the private sector, Naua is an e-platform that aims to enhance charity work in Jordan by turning the random distribution of resources, weak implementation of projects, and communication difficulties between all involved parties into efficient charity projects and tangible achievements, according to the initiative’s CEO, Ahmad Zubi.


During the press conference announcing the launch of the platform, Zubi said that Naua is a "first-of-its-kind" initiative in Jordan and the region, and will serve as a bridge to connect individuals, the private sector and charity organizations to help them work cooperatively and overcome common challenges.


"The lack of trust and sufficient information, and the difficulty to communicate together are some of the major challenges that hinder charity work in Jordan," Zubi said, adding, "Naua serves as a third neutral linking party that bridges the gap of trust through a transparent and efficient approach". He said that the website also connects individuals with volunteering opportunities in various charity projects across the Kingdom, noting that volunteers can create a profile of their personal information and skills to navigate through the available opportunities that charity organizations offer.


"Just as LinkedIn is the professional profile, Naua will be the societal one, where all volunteering skills and accomplished experiences will be featured," Zubi noted, adding that the initiative also seeks to measure and document the accomplished charity projects in Jordan. "If we send our partners [volunteers and donors] a photo of the flowering tree they planted, or a video of opening the building they helped constructing, we will feed a sense of being more proximate to the cause which would encourage them to give and help more," he explained.


"The initiative's name, "Naua", is a polysemic Arabic word that means the seed, the origin of things, the intention, or the target, and all meanings collectively shape the initiative vision," Zubi added.  


A CPF special law was endorsed in 2015 to implement HRH Crown Prince Hussein's vision towards building a bright future for Jordan’s youth by inspiring and driving their engagement to improve community well-being in three main aspects: Skills and Innovation; Leadership and Youth Excellence; and Social Development and Philanthropy, according to Mango.