Crown Prince "Foundation represents a platform that supports and empowers youth" | Crown Prince Foundation

Crown Prince "Foundation represents a platform that supports and empowers youth"

8 December 2015


A Royal Decree was issued on Tuesday forming the Board of Trustees of the Crown Prince Foundation, which seeks to empower youth. On His Instagram post, HRH Prince Hussein said the foundation represents the launch of "a platform that supports and empowers youth, builds their capacity, and develops their skills to contribute to the betterment of our Jordan".


"Our strength lies in our people," the Prince noted. 


Under the Royal Decree, the board members of the foundation, chaired by HRH Prince Hussein, will comprise Wajih Musa Owais, Omar Al Wir, Nidaa Maani, Duha Abdul Khaleg, Samih Toukan and Nabil Kamal. The foundation will support voluntary, social and charitable efforts in the Kingdom. It will carry out its mission through supporting local communities and developing the talents of young people, improving their living conditions and enhancing their role in development projects. The foundation also seeks to boost comprehensive development in the various governorates. The foundation reflects HRH Crown Prince Hussein’s commitment to following up on various issues of young Jordanians, as he is always stressing that they should be given a role within the community and that they benefit from education and economic opportunities.  


The Prince has launched several initiatives to empower young Jordanian in light of his belief in their capabilities.  These include “Haqiq”, “Achieve” in English, a youth volunteerism programme the Prince founded in 2013. Last year, the Crown Prince also launched the “Hearing without Borders” programme, with a vision to make Jordan free from hearing disabilities and help deaf children across the Kingdom.  To date, the programme has helped around 500 children with hearing disabilities. The Crown Prince’s initiatives also include “Qusai”, which is aimed at training and certifying sports therapists. The Prince shows a special interest in youth education and training, and through connecting with NASA’s Ames Research Centre, several Jordanians will have the chance to receive training there, as part of an initiative launched by HRH Crown Prince Hussein last year.