Naua initiative distributes 71,000 food parcels to day laborers | Crown Prince Foundation

Naua initiative distributes 71,000 food parcels to day laborers

7 June 2020


Naua, an initiative of the Crown Prince Foundation (CPF), announced that a total of 71,000 food parcels had been distributed so far to the families of day laborers under the "Their daily payment is on us" campaign.

The campaign, launched in the wake of a recently-lifted nation-wide lockdown imposed following the COVID-19 outbreak in the Kingdom, is intended to help day workers grapple with the challenges arising from the crisis. The initiative is funded by donations from individuals and institutions to meet the families monthly needs.

In a statement, Naua further announced that some 85,000 additional parcels will be distributed in the upcoming days, in cooperation with the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization and other charities, and in coordination with the Social Protection team, who used the data of registered day laborers at the Ministry of Development to send the parcels.

Furthermore, the statement indicated that the total value of the donations collected so far from individuals and private sector institutions has exceeded JOD2.1 million.

To improve the overall process, the Naua platform's staff communicates with the recipients of the parcels to conduct follow-up and evaluation on the delivery methods and their content and to obtain feedback from the beneficiaries.