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The Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) cements the role of youth in the development process in Jordan, providing them the platform to be an integral pillar in shaping the future of the Kingdom. As the future theirs to build, CPF envisions a capable youth for an aspiring Jordan. The Foundation operates with the underlying belief that youth are the Kingdom’s mainstay; and should be the champions of its continued growth with their ideas and aspirations the guiding principles for a vibrant, prosperous and inclusive Jordan.

CPF prides itself on being the primary conduit through which youth perspectives, actions, and voices are conveyed to policy makers, private sector actors, and the community at large; providing youth the opportunity to be catalysts of change and progression in Jordan.


For submitting proposals for business partnerships, please click on the link for individuals and for institutions / establishments and fill out the proposition forms.


After reviewing the proposal, the concerned departments and committees in the organization will contact you within a period of one week at most to request additional details as needed, and to clarify whether the proposal is in line with the organization’s work priorities and strategic action plan, and to help identify any relevant parties