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Our Initiatives and Programs

Breaking with traditional approaches to youth empowerment, which typically enroll young people as beneficiaries, CPF establishes strategic, fully engaged partnerships with youth to help them build a more successful, prosperous future for themselves, their families, and their communities. CPF focuses on providing platforms that elevate the voices of youth and enable them to build self-efficacy, personal agency, and the confidence to make a difference.


CPF has created a self-sustaining, self-scaling model that addresses specific challenges facing youth that are related to leadership skills, employability, entrepreneurship, and citizenship. CPF’s initiatives target thousands of youth every year across all governorates, with the goal of scaling to eventually impact Jordan’s entire youth population. Through tapping into our youth’s collective passion, fresh perspectives, and creative energy, CPF seeks to create a cadre of service-minded young individuals who will push the envelope on complex societal issues and inspire other young people to serve their communities. In addition to CPF’s high-impact niche programs and initiatives which intersect across its strategic pillars; CPF seeks to implement a number of programs in all governorates of Jordan in partnership with different entities and in line with the main focus areas and strategy of CPF, with the aim of supporting and developing the skills of Jordanian youth.