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Ana Usharek

Ana Usharek is a program being implemented through 13 universities across Jordan to enhance university students' capabilities and knowledge in the basic principles of democracy and advocacy.

The Program is a partnership between the Crown Prince Foundation and the National Democratic Institute and is funded by USAID. The program targets building the capabilities and skills in regard to effective political participation, social work, and youth empowerment.


The Program provides training and participatory dialogue sessions aimed at strengthening the concepts and values of democracy among the participants and providing them with the necessary knowledge to enable them to engage in the political sphere and decision-making; as well as develop a sense of citizenship.


Once the students have fulfilled all the requirements of the Program, they can enroll in the Usharek + Program at the beginning of the next academic year.




Usharek+ is a continuation of Ana Usharek and is conducted with 13 partner universities. This Program aims to build university students' leadership and advocacy skills through by working on an advocacy campaign targeting an issue of their choice. Furthermore, the students are provided training in debate to aid them in becoming active citizens to participate effectively and positively in the political process.


The Program includes workshops and intensive and holistic training over an entire academic year in which the students learn to identify and provide solutions for pressing issues in Jordan, how to conduct advocacy campaigns and gain support for their cause, and how to build an effective online and social media presence for their cause via online and social media portals. Furthermore, participants are taught how to identify influential decision-makers who can support their campaign and how to reach them through meetings, media, public events, and other methods. Finally, students acquire these skills through participatory training and running their own advocacy campaigns for causes of their choice