Haqiq | Crown Prince Foundation

(Promoting the values of citizenship, leadership, and community service)


Haqiq is a youth leadership initiative established with the aim of promoting a system of values inherited from our history among youth in Jordan, and highlighting their capacity to be active citizens, foster a sense of belonging to their country, and become contributors to the development process of the Kingdom.


The students participating in the Initiative progress through several stages. At each stage, their capacities for teamwork are developed to build team spirit and strengthen the system of leadership concepts of the Haqiq initiative, thus extending their knowledge and skills.


Haqiq was launched in 2013 and targets school students both males and females from all the governorates of the Kingdom. It is currently being conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Education and is embedded as one of its programs and activities. The Initiative is gradually implementing its activities in all schools of the Kingdom. The Program focuses on developing the youth's life, personal, leadership, and social skills in a manner that fosters belonging, loyalty, and active citizenship. Furthermore, the Initiative promotes the concept of volunteer work in a way that serves the requirements of Jordanian society.


Contact details for Haqiq:

Facebook: @HqqAct

Instagram: @Haqiqjo