Nahno | Crown Prince Foundation

The Platform for the National Youth Engagement and Volunteering Program (Nahno) was launched by the Crown Prince Foundation, Naua for Sustainable Development, and UNICEF Jordan in a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Youth. Nahno aims to unify volunteerism and youth engagement efforts at all levels and connect volunteers with volunteering opportunities at various entities.


Nahno platform, the first of its kind, was founded to bring about positive change through a platform that links volunteers from different governorates, qualifications, and age groups with volunteering opportunities at civil society organizations, the public sector, and the private sector.


Nahno works to create real volunteering opportunities in multiple sectors for youth from all over the Kingdom, guiding them to participate according to their interests and enhancing the role of volunteer work in their communities. Furthermore, Nahno is keen to ensure that volunteers' rights are prioritized by documenting their participation in volunteering opportunities on the Platform.


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