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Naua is the region’s first social impact platform that aims to promote philanthropy and civic engagement by enabling everyone to give back to their community; its an online platform for social impact that operates within a common framework to measure and showcase impact. Naua operates through two online platforms ( & that allow civil society organizations (CSOs) to display their projects, enable individuals to contribute and volunteer towards causes they care about, and helps organizations support projects that align with their CSR strategies.  

The platform further promotes collective impact by strategic allocation of individual and corporate giving and volunteering through:

o Working with credible CSOs

o Hosting projects with clear social impact

o Enabling individuals and companies to donate and volunteer easily 

o Providing detailed metrics and analytics on the impact each contribution makes 

o Transparently reporting on the social impact of each interaction

 Naua's main goal is to promote a culture of giving and collective action. 

Main contact details for Naua :

Facebook: @nauaorg

Instagram: @nauaorg

Twitter: @nauaorg



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