NAUA | Crown Prince Foundation


The Naua Platform, a Crown Prince Foundation Initiative, was established in partnership with the private sector and is included in the Citizenship Pillar of the Foundations Strategy.


Naua is an online platform that aims to increase and facilitate philanthropy, developing a sense of community responsibility, and connecting charities with individual and corporate donors as a form of crowdfunding for projects within a clear impact measurement framework.


The Platform aspires to increase the level of philanthropy in the Kingdom and enhance the efficiency in the distribution of resources to maximize the benefit to the most vulnerable groups in society. The Platform has been developed to enable all those wishing to make a positive impact in their community to contribute by providing accessible and safe methods to donate to projects listed on the Platform, which are implemented by trusted charities and civil society organizations (CSOs) that adhere to the values and standards of Naua. Furthermore, Naua allows those that contribute and support projects to track the development of the projects and document the resulting impact online, which enhances confidence among all concerned parties.

Main contact details for Naua :

Facebook: @nauaorg

Instagram: @nauaorg

Twitter: @nauaorg