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The Crown Prince Award for Best Government Service Application

The Crown Prince Award for Best Government Application is an initiative of the Crown Prince Foundation. It is part of a group of strategic initiatives and projects being implemented between Jordan and the UAE and in partnership with the Prime Ministry. The initiative is centered upon providing youth the opportunity to compete by submitting proposals for digital applications that contribute to an administrative renaissance and a qualitative shift in the level of government performance. The award aims to:

  • Motivate Jordanian university students to create innovative smartphone applications and solutions to create easy and simplified 24-hour government services.
  • Encourage creativity and innovation among university students in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and adopt their ideas.
  • Enhance and facilitating government services.
  • Strengthen the relationship between university students and government agencies and involve them in developing solutions that facilitate the user's journey while enhancing the quality of life in Jordan.


Award Sectors: Health, education, tourism, business environment, transport, youth, agriculture and food security, social affairs, refugees, security and crisis management


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